Use Sharon Marie products daily to renew, revive, and keep your skin looking healthy and young!


Sharon Marie of Sharon Marie Skin Care is a licensed esthetician in New York.
We treat, advise, and consult with both men and women concerning skin care issues
that may include, but are certainly not limited to, acne, blemishes, rosecea, wrinkles,
fine lines, minor scarring and the like.

We also assist others who are simply looking for what they feel, for them, will be that "perfect look"
We are involved in the process of creating, researching, developing, and manufacturing
the Sharon Marie line of skin care products
The goal of Sharon Marie Skin Care is to offer a superior product, at truly reasonable prices,
with excellent customer service, and provide before and after the sale consultation.
We invite new visitors to inquire about any of our products or ask
any questions about YOUR particular skin issue.
Please be assured that the products that contain glycolic acid are made
with only High Purity Medical Grade glycolic acid.
All products are made with only the highest grade natural products.
To my Sharon Marie Skin Care and Sharefair Nutraceuticals Clients and Customers:

Thanks for stopping by. We know you will find and like what you are looking for.
All Sharon Marie Skin Care Products or Sharefair Nutraceuticals are manufactured
or produced in the United States in one of my or one or more other facilities that
employ the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines as recommended by the FDA.


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